x // logo for personal brand

x // logo for personal brand - student project

Sketches //

Here are the sketches I've worked on. Played around with using my initials XAM or my name + initials XioAM. I tried a couple of the techniques mentioned on the video. There are a couple that I like and would like to explore. This is for a personal brand/portfolio so I want to keep it modern and classic - something that I can use for a long time. To be flexible so it can be used across different items - business cards, blog, resume, stationary, notecards etc. 

x // logo for personal brand - image 1 - student project

x // logo for personal brand - image 2 - student project

x // logo for personal brand - image 3 - student project


Hello all!

I'm wanting to create a logo for my personal brand. I've been sketching ideas on and off for a while now, not really sure or happy with what I have. I'm excited to take this class for some guidance and hopefully create a design that conveys my style.

I want to use it on my portfolio, blog, business cards, etc. I do architectural and interior design work, but want to include my photography work and handmade crafts and also expand into graphic design work. I guess it will be for a creative studio that has a collection of design work. Part of the issue is that I keep going back and forth with using my full name or initials, but I definitely want to use the X in my name. 

I plan upload some sketches this weekend, but I was inspired by one of the other students (Alicia) to do a moodboard to help narrow down ideas and even color palettes. I like simplicty but also want to convey creativity and edge.

x // logo for personal brand - image 4 - student project

*The links to these images can be found on my pinterest board : http://pinterest.com/xiomiandrea/branding/

Xio Munoz

designer + creative director at xiokat