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Tabitha Kerbabian

Letterer & Graphic Designer



www.tabsk.com & tabsk on Behance

My portfolio website is at www.tabsk.com. I just launched in on September 1st 2015, and will continue to add portfolio pieces (I started out with three). I am a graphic designer in Calgary, Alberta, Canada offering custom lettering and logo design. I'm on Behance, too!

The contact page happens to be my favourite. The layout is simple, but there's enough going on that it's pleasing to the eye. My contact page shows viewers that I am available for freelance work.


A headline, a small block of text, and the buttons on this page offer enough visual interest while keeping it simple. As on my About page, I've separated the extended information with a line so that the necessary information is up front and easier on the eyes than one giant block of text would be.

The rest of the page:


I also like my Portfolio page:


This page utilizes a simple and familiar portfolio layout. It features an opacity change when the user rolls over each thumbnail. Once an image is clicked on, it expands to full size with a title and description above all of the thumbnails. (See below)


My portfolio website is successful because of:

  • Focus / curation: I've narrowed my work down to custom lettering & logo design, ensuring that every portfolio piece I upload fits that description and shows off the skills I want to be hired for.
  • Brand consistency: I have a hand-lettered logo and set brand colours that carry thoughout the site.
  • Simplicity: There's a lot of whitespace, only two fonts (one specifically for headlines and the other for body text). Aside from the two main brand colours, the supportive colours are neutral (white for the background, black for body text, and grey for less dominant text like the footer).
  • A balance of personality and professionalism: The cover page to my site shows off my lettering and logo design work, and offers a glimpse at my workspace in the background. My About page offers a short and sweet description, followed by a (somewhat hidden) longer insight into who I am. This second bit isn't integral for visitors to read, but if found, does offer a deeper look at my values. My social media links are all to business-specific pages - I keep my personal accounts separate. Lastly, my blog page will give visitors a look at my process, opinions and advice regarding lettering and design in general, and include some more insight on my lifestyle. 

I will be adding several portfolio pieces over the course of the month. (Aiming for 10 by October) As I continue to create and improve my skills, I can adjust my portfolio to include only the best pieces and keep it around 20.

In the near future, I'll also be adding a custom favicon and a picture of myself to the About page.

After the site has been live for a month, I'm thinking of switching up the cover page image to a hand-lettered image of my tagline, "lettering to inspire and energize". This could be switched up seasonally to keep things fresh, and still lets viewers know what my website is all about.

Feedback is welcome and appreciated! Please let me know what you thought of the site. I'd love to know what kind of impression it made on you. 


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