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I have been working to update the copy on Karen Factor's webpage (above).

HOw does this work?


Do you have nagging physical problems that keep you from doing things you really want to do?

Are you a weekend warrior who suffers from over-exertion injuries when Monday comes around?

Are you preparing for the next gardening season or the next marathon and you need medical/physical support to prevent injuries and to find the best ways to heal should you get injured?

Do you have chromic complaints like asthma or weight control issues and would you like to try an alternative method to address those problems?

Are you looking for a partner to assist with maintaining or improving your health or providing alternative or complimentary treatments for on-going health problems or to prevent future health problems?

Karen Factor, DOM has been working for almost thirty years providing an interdisciplinary approach to healing the body using acupuncture and Oriental medicine combined with massage therapy, nutrition advice, and the practical application of a wide variety options to tailor treatments to meet your particular needs now.

Karen is a certified in Sports Medicine Acupuncture and as an athlete herself, Karen is sensitive to the needs of athletes.

But she is also really attentive to the needs of those of us who need to solve physical problems brought on by every day wear and tear on our bodies. For instance, Karen recently was able to help a ninety year old woman learn to move more efficiently so her patient could resume independent activities like doing her own grocery shopping.

Karen is willing to work with other health care professionals to provide her patients the best care possible.

If this approach to your personal health care appeals to you, then contact Karen for an appointment using the contact form above. Fill out the initial paperwork found in the Forms tab, before your first visit.




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