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I would like to introduce you to my blog called Dog & Pineapple that I started writing about a year ago. 

It's a blog about my personal style with a little twist. In my fashion stories I am featuring clothes that I make myself at home. I don't want this to be strictly sewing or DIY blog, even though I feature some articles like that, I just simply want it to be truly mine fashion blog talking about the issues in textile industry, promoting home sewing of clothes and presenting, that this type of clothing does not have to be ugly and can be very stylish. 

I have done massive update recently, some changes according to this class and I am trying to be consistent with the content, even though it's hard with regular job. 

I would love to hear some feedback and hope you will become a reader as well. 

Thank you all, 


Tereza Šťastná

Blogger / Photographer / Freelance Marketeer