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“Ruminating Thoughts” are excessive and intrusive thoughts about negative experiences and feelings. <1...

Whenever you catch yourself ruminating, call up a positive mantra and repeat that instead.

"Using a soothing and repetitive phrase can break the cycle of rumination and replace the anxious thought with one that sends a message to the brain to restore the autonomic nervous system to a more serene state” <2

....Ruminating thoughts and complaining (or listening to people complain) are some of the most vicious energy vampires...

Gratitude is the antidote

I had wanted to put together a #digitalcollage using a bust and flowers and then a birdcage (so random) caught my eye and Ruminating Thoughts came to be  

(sources:<1. MedicalNewsToday.com , <2. Rumble.com)              

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It has become a constant battle...the pain, the impotence, the uncontrolled anger...we are bombarded with news and images of it around the world and, it will sound naive or unrealistic but we need to protect our spirits and make a conscious decision every day and not let anyone or anything dim our inner light...gratitude keeps it alive. I know, no one is at their best moment right now, but don´t forget that it can ALWAYS be worse... Live, breathe, express gratitude and keep your inner light shining bright for yourself and for those who sadly can´t. Stay strong, stay safe.

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"Art is how I do self-care" because it is when I am most tired or feeling overwhelmed by reality that I need to go hide in my cave and paint... I have two theories on this, 1. that it is the flow of the water (I mostly do watercolors), the translucency of the colors, the co-creation that happens with watercolors that relieves the burden of life (hsp-introvert-pisces)...like being underwater, the noice from outside is mostly drowned out and turned into unintelligible blabbering (pleonasm) thus letting my senses disconnect from my surroundings...that could even be a metaphoric safety of the baby-in-womb situation...which takes me to my second theory, as a child you would almost always find me coloring. A very dear aunt (rip) managed to supply me with the best coloring books and my crayons were never blunt, my 64 piece crayola box was always new, and that kept me in a beautiful state of focus, concentration, silence.. all in a magical moment made of color. Adults would not bother me if I was painting, it became sacred both for them and for me... Even visiting a museum is otherworldly for me... I feel there are many of us that create art in a meditative state and out of a spiritual need...

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Even after years of practicing this connection, I sometimes need to invite this voice to come through clearly...specially when the noice from outside is so loud that the inner whisper can barely be heard... "talk to me Inner Voice, I´m listening" and it does... and oftentimes it echoes what my intuition had already hinted... could they be the same thing? I FEEL that intuition grows, develops from experience and inner voice, from silence... intuition from doing, inner voice from being still...but  moments like this, when their messages coincide are very special, it´s like the doing and the being are aligned, I am being and doing from an authentic self... and that fills me with peace and gratitude. A good example of this is when other´s expectations of you are weighing you down. You want to keep achieving according to their needs but as you progress you start to feel resistance, it becomes a burden, that you know you can carry through but you suddenly feel like you don´t want to... all this is intuition´s interpretation of the situation, all you know for sure-in your body and brain- is that you are knee deep in it and you are tired...you sit still and ask yourself what´s this? why do I feel this resistance? Then inner voice speaks: Your actions are being guided by someone else´s needs and that is in conflict with your authentic way of doing things, you need to make a choice and follow through, either following their ways or your own, the objective stays the same but the way you feel about it will differ... tired and burnt out or at peace...

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It´s not enough to dream big, to consider yourself capable of huge and amazing things... You need to know that for dreams to become a reality hard work will have to happen...and when in doubt or if a tough situation presents itself, remember it´s the Universe asking you "How much do you want this?"...and that´ll bring the dream back into focus and your butt back to work ;)

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wise inner voice - image 6 - student projectDON´T FORGET THE BRIGHT SIDE

Why does one small negative bit of meh blind a whole bounty of positive wow?

I think the question should be rephrased to Why do we let one small negative bit of meh blind a whole bounty of positive wow?

It´s a personal choice not to be sucked into the black hole of bad vibes...one we need to make every day until it becomes our way of facing life´s challenges

I am so grateful that the good far outweighs the bad in my life, still, I need to be reminded of it when I am faced with negativity...

I need to remember black is only one color, and my palette has many more I can let my soul rejoice in

The bright side of things has a much sweeter story to tell! 

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Divine Timing is my first message from above or from within, to me it´s the same source... I was expecting news of an application I submitted and had decided on what muy attitude would be towards the outcome and how it would be a message of divine timing...if the reply was positive, that is, I was accepted then, divine timing was telling me I was ready and had everything I needed to go for it... if the reply was negative, then it meant I still had some growth and learning to do before I took that step... either way I was blessed and I trusted divine timing completely and profoundly...

In case you are curious, I got accepted :)

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