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Calvin Chin

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@winglingsux Explores: QUT - Garden's Point

My project is on my university - Queensland University of Technology, Garden's Point Campus.

Please find below my final 4 photographs.

'S Block Stairs - To Future'

'Z Block Business Building - The Judgement'

'V Block Library - Access Knowledge'

'Under Highway Parking - Early Beginnings'


I love the contrast of new and old buildings in the area. There are so many unique spaces and the light is amazing during the early morning and late afternoon. I've included some raw images below taken during my exam block. I'm hoping to use some of these in my final photo set.

It's crazy how the universe works.. 

I've always been interested in landscape photography - appreciating unique buildings, natural surroundings, perfect lighting. However only a couple of weeks ago I started to become pro-active in capturing these images, and now wow here's a class thanks to Skillshare to help guide my passion to the next level. I've recently jumped on board the #vscocam bandwagon and I've been taking some snaps of my surroundings whether it be at home in Brisbane or an overseas adventure.

I've included some of my photos below from my Vsco / Instagram account (@winglingsux). These are just my current images, I'm hoping to create a new set of photographs from the advice and tutorials from Trashhand.

Currently using iPhone 5S with VSCO - hoping to start using Holga and Canon.


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