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Alice Wagner

Schools Manager, EverFi, Inc.




It all started with Franzia. . .the classiest of wines. Box to bag to solo cup. . .and then I became a wine snob. Or so I thought? 

Ask me what I like to drink - Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand chilled in a glass. Yes, grassy, grapefruity taste. That's all. I'm not sure one would classify me as a wine snob considering I drink one kind of wine from one region. So it's time to get serious. 

It's funny to think back in college I paid $3000+ to take Geography of Wine with Professor Boyer. I would attend class with a bottle of wine, usually Two Buck Chuck (the classiest bottle), a couple of solo cups, pretend to listen, and then head to happy hour. Geography of Wine was commonly termed as our "Pregame", and then we all decided, "Why bother pregaming in class when we aren't listening?" So, we just stopped going. I still slap myself. Because my face started hurting, I decided to be proactive. Thus, the reason I am taking this class.

So, it's time to slap on my drinking shoes and get this show on the road.

Until next time,

Your next #wine-ing Sommelier


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