winding down slowly for the holidays. ..

winding down slowly for the holidays. .. - student project

after today i'll have recorded nearly half way into the christmas advent calendar! 


it's been fairly straight forward so far but i know i've got some really complex and interesting courses coming up so i've got so spend a lot of time today on those.. .

missing being next to an ocean today - that amazing sea air and the feeling of sand underneath my feet, i love nothing more than spending my time on a coastline.

all of my courses, whatever the topic is about optimizing your time, i hope that comes across.. .

in this course i wanted to share with you some tools and processes that i think will save you time, especially, that platform is perfect if your looking to rapidly build on your audience development side.

over the last six months that is exactly what i'm been doing and i've gone from 50 odd followers to nearly 800 in just six months alone - i set myself a goal of 100 courses and 1000 followers and i'm well on the way to achieving both of those.

it feels GOOD to get to a goal.. .

i hope you will share what goals some of these tips in the course helped you get clarity on!

lots of love and hugs!
phil x

Philip Campbell

web3, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow