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The Brief
After having a quick think about this I thoguht. wouldn't it be great if there an app that could alert people when the conditions at thier favorite spots are for windsurfing or sailing. I'd like to call my app 'wind' and I'll be using the latest ios8 style which I got from

Screens are two examples I found of sites that give way to much information upfront that I might not need to dig down into every week.

  • The first screen would be a homepage that would tell me if (based on my prefrences) there is an option to go windsurfing today near me. 
  • an easy to access callendar of the next month telling me what days are good and how good they'll be for me.
  • and a settings page where I can choose location, a distance willing to travel and how much importance I'd like places on a few variables like rainfall, gust spead, wave height, temperature etc... (some people surf in the snow!)

I've scribbled down a lot of my thoughts on paper and updated the ones I liked. I found there wasn't too much I needed to create the app I wanted

this is the basic home screen simply telling me if it's a good day to surf or not and giving me a navigation button to get to the place that fits my requirements.

And a setting screen to select what conditions I like to surf in.

There are only four screen I can see that are needed. The home screen scrolls down to reveal when future days are good for windsurfing. The settings button let you change your specified settings and if you swipe right on the home screen you can see which times that day you might want to take a break or go home

UI design
I've used our colour sceame and filled in some textures as well to make it inspiring to get to the beach!

I'm really happy with the way the app looks, I think without having any UX research I have no idea if the concept really works but I'm certainly ready to design my next app!


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