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Laila Grainawi

interdisciplinary designer



williamsburg, brooklyn - map

i wanted to map my favorite spots from my old hometown of williamsburg, bk.

i recently moved to chicago and wanted to document some of my 'must-sees' for friends and family who visit.  i also was interested in documenting as my own memory log of good places to think, hang, shop, sip and relax. 

for the 'imaginary places' mini assignment- i decided to begin work on my final project by focusing on a small area within a map. i took several screenshots of google maps and started with the south side of williamsburg. open in illustrator and began making layers for the streets.  

i've reached the point where i can start to add some street names (before it becomes overwhelming) to add in at the end. i was overlaying on top of the grids/streets but the visibility is low. i am now contemplating choosing a background color and creating white or pale colored streets... i also would like to incorporate hand drawn elements (text, etc) so it's a work in progress! 


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