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wide awake and creative!

My primary focus: ​My focus will be on my physical and mental health, learning, and making time to be creative.

What habits will I do? Exercise, meditation, learning, and creating.

My ideal morning routine will focus on exercise and meditation as a way to wake up and get into a good mood for the day, followed by some time spent learning and working on personal projects. I'm sure I'll struggle to fit this all in - but I'm willing to give it a go!

my morning routine:

5:15 am - wake up, bathroom, drink water, get into workout gear (10mins)
5:25 am - exercise videos on YouTube ( approx 30mins)
5:55 am - shower and brush teeth, fix hair and get dressed (20 mins)
6:15 am - meditate using Breathe app (10mins)

6:25 am - make breakfast and coffee (5 mins)
6:30 am - learn - watch a TED talk or a youtube tutorial, read a design book or magazine, or listen to a podcast (20mins)

6:50 am - creative space - this could be figure drawing from youtube, doing some design projects, working through a Skillshare tutorial, or working in a visual diary. (30mins)

7:20am - skincare and makeup routine (30mins)
7:50am -  check bag is packed, check cat's water/food/litter tray (10mins)
8:00am - leave house to catch the bus!


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