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wibbily wobbly timey wimey

So I thought that I didn't want like a realistic thing to copy so I started looking at old cocacola ads which were all illustrations, but then I thought, why does it have to be a product? I just want the advertising aesthetics, it could be any poster I like and if I end up with a good work I could print it and put it in my room!!

So since I'm a big Doctor Who fan I had already seen some beautiful fanarts regarding the TARDIS, which I think is a great visual element. I searched for one that I really liked et voilà! I don't know where it comes from and couldn't find it in a bigger resolution, so I'll try to make one almost as cool. I have to simplify it of course.

Plus it is in fact an advert! Oh, how I wish you could actually buy a TARDIS.


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