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Laura Whittamore

bookbinder, photographer, travelhound



whittamoreworld on instagram

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pretty much every image in my feed has been edited in snapseed before uploading. i try to keep it to 3 filters or less. i shoot mainly nature/travel/architecture. photography is just something i do for fun, i try and capture the interesting things i see on my advantures. i also post a lot of older shots that i never got around to editing and sharing elsewhere. 


clouds over the VAB at kennedy space center. shot through a bus window, there was some heavy glare, can still see some of the window reflections in the base of the clouds. i try to use filters to hide and save technically bad shots. 


cogs in the machine. detail shot of some machine at the edison museum


cone flowers- the blue was actually some sad grey brown looking water


two monarchs. i go out shooting butterflies at least once a month


niagara falls


flat iron building- nyc


dead flower. i like shooting decay, both urban and nature


church in oporto, portugal. many buildings in the city are coverd in decorative blue tiles


sheep in the barn. i live in a southern US city but it's still kind of rural. i spend a lot of time shooting 'old florida' scenes. 


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