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white christmas

I've been designing a lot of Christmas cards for the past few months - for sale on Minted, ones that I'm selling at markets, and ones for clients/friends. I don't generally send out holiday cards, but since my fiance and I got engaged this year (and my best friend took engagment photos of us and our adorable puppy, Benedict Cumberbatch) I figured WHY NOT! But I wanted our personal cards to be completely different - so why not devote my first legit full-on lettering project to something personal and fun!

My very favorite Christmas movie is the classic film where Bing Crosby tap danced with Danny Fucking Kaye, "White Christmas." I loooooooooooooove White Christmas. Suprisingly, so does my fiance, therefore it was perfect for me to use the phrase "Dreaming of a White Christmas" for our cards. Also, it doesn't snow very much in Virginia, so a legitimate white Christmas would be really nice.

I started with some inspirational images, vintage and festive. For most of my lettering inspiration I scanned through the book Custom Lettering of the 40s and 50s, which is just awesome.

This project and all the steps and warm ups involved were super fun, informative and helpful. Here's some steps from my first round of sketching to the end!


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