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where I'm at

hi, my name is cristina and I'm definitely in the first stage.

I'm still trying things out, trying to find my own style and so on. some say I already have a style, but if you look at my Instagram accounts @superfreakmorticia


and @_cristinarossi


you''ll see a big mess: edits made for fun that have nothing artistic about them sit side by side with pictures I wouldn't mind to include in a future portfolio. I'm also experimenting with projects, but I question myself: is this #trainwindowproject actually saying something, or is it just a series of snapshots taken from a moving train?

I mostly use Hipstamatic, but I'm not the best Hipstamatic photographer (I wouldn't even say I am one of the good ones lol). I need to achieve that extra something, an unique quality in order to make my work special and interesting. 

so, I will try to :

1) refocus that project and others as well

2) pratice, practice, practice to find my tools and perfecting their use

3)  maybe I also need to believe more in myself, because I often get so depressed with what I do that I stop trying. if you're on instagram, I invite you to check my accounts and comment on pictures (keep in mind there are also edits of my photos made by other people and features, it's not all my own work!!!), so that I can have a more objective opinion. usually the photos I wasn't even sure about posting get more likes and comments than the ones I love the most!!! ;)


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