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what's on my mind

Update! A digital doodle of talking heads. Because of the upcomming elections you see people talking and discussing their politics on TV. I just saw this ugly men feeling so important of themselfs I took my digital doodling sketchbook and came up with this doodle.

Since doodling I am full with fantasy as if a door opened again that was blocked for a long time.

So, I made a doodle and combined it with illustration. I need to work hard to get my own style, but for now, considering my limited time I made this 'self portrait' and what is on my mind these days. And I think Illustrator is still not my friend when it comes to drawing. I like Flash more as a drawing tool.

I love this! Since I travel a lot I found my iPad of great use. Paper and a wacom bamboo. I show you the result of a first reworked doodle. I closed my eyes and started, but when my eyes are closed I see images. I can see in my mind what I'm doing and I even started to doodle while asleep.

Besides my iPad I have my notebooks and pencils. I can finaly fill them from now on;-)

first image is the iPad doodle, second the doodle I made on paper and third the final result done with illustrator. 


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