whatever you do, DON'T BE BORING!

Eeked out a tiny bit of holiday time to work on some gestures. Nothing fast & loose comes naturally to me!  I'm a painstakingly-drag-it-out-for-hours kind of person.  Also only have superbasic skills w/ the tablet so it was fun to practice that too.

Also did some in pencil just for kicks.  Not sure if I want to do the class project the olde fashioned way because it'll be easier for me, or the on the tablet because I need the practice!  Maybe both...

Working on refining some gestures using the tablet.  Feels clunky... Battling the instinct to draw "real" instead of fashiony figures as per suggested proportions & such.  Going to hunt for some more dramatic pose references to encourage exaggeration away from the direction of anatomical illustration :)

Doin some in pencil & adding extra legginess for the occasion.

Still messing with poses some more before I draw any clothes, but here are some of my inspiration images since I don't *do* Pinterest.  I like: bright colors, bright colors paired with neutrals, geometry, colorblocking, crazy pattern mixing, menswear-inspired womenswear... 


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