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what in the world is freezer cookery?

Step One

Hullo! Here is the artwork I've chosen to recreate. I'm not exactly sure what freezer cookery is, but there are so many fun shapes and textures in this ad. I might not even go for replicating the woman, and just focus on all that delicious retro food on the table... well, we'll see.


Step One

I've started with building the basic shapes in stroke mode -- not doing any colors or textures yet. There's a lot of funky lines and stuff to fill in, I guess I'll do that on top of the color once I add it. Still need to do those fruits...

I'm learning a lot from the class -- I've used Illustrator before, but I've never actually sat down to a full tutorial that covered all these helpful features and options. I had a lot of fun with the blob brush and was able to control my anchor points a lot better than I have in the past. Sweet!


Step Two

Added some flat colours!


Step Three

Adding some of the textured lines now. Still a lot of detail missing, but I think it's starting to come together.


Step 4

After an (admittedly very long) quiet spell, I've decided to finish up this project -- just because it felt strange to leave it unfinished. I'm not quite done yet, but here's my lastest progress. I'm just going to finish up by fixing up the colours and composition, and adding the woman's magic wand.


Step 5

All done!



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