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Laila Grainawi

interdisciplinary designer



welcome home - letterforms

want to make a type-based poster that says 'welcome home' - i figure home is a short little word with some interesting characters. 

the pen tool is still slightly baffling to me and always feels either a. blocky / rigid (as a byproduct of clicking to create your line segments) b. unwieldy (trying to manuever using the handles and getting infinity symbols). so HUGE learning curve on this one. 

my 'home' first draft feels crazy awkward. haha. 

i don't understand why the letters have to be created using the pen tool, instead of pencil. i will do some poking around online to see the pro's and con's for working in this manner/method as opposed to the more fluid pencil option. 

anyway, here's my "extra special" (aka terrible) pen rough draft. 

and here's a super quick pencil tool based sketch with some mouse-drawn letterforms. i learned calligraphy in grade school and like to doodle various letters, so this process (pencil tool) was much more enjoyable! so these are obviously not perfect and would be improved with a tablet/stylus, but they were fast and fun to knock out. 

anyway, will be back next time to figure out how to adjust width/add more 'oomph' and settle on some letters! :) 


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