week 3 -Helene's composition project

Week 3:

Here are some pictures, I focused on symmetry and silouhette for those. Don't hesitate to give feedback!

Picture 1 : Blinds

Picture 2 : winter trees

Picture 3 : bus trip

Picture 4 : feeding

Picture 5 : couple

Picture 6: on the road

Picture 7: Bridge

Picture 8: Subway

Picture 9: Stairs

Picture 10: Broadwalk


Week 2 : lines

I found this week's homework kind of difficult. I first focused so much on line that I kind of forget to include a real subject on my picture and I didn't like most of the pictures.  Here are some I liked, I'll be very happy to get some  feedback :)

Picture 1 : closed store

Picture 2: work

I like that the light/ shadow in the background are align with the orange/white on the foregrounds

Picture 3: newspaper

Do I have too much foreground?

Picture 4: Three shadows

Picture 5: stairs

Picture 6: enjoying the sun

Picture 7: swing

Picture 8: swings and trees

Picture 9: coffee break

on this one, the lines are maybe not visible enough...


Week 1: rule of third

Hi,Thanks for the video, I really enjoyed it.

I have tried to apply the rule of third on some pictures. I found it hard to make the difference between rule of third and golden ratio...I think I "naturally" use the golden ratio rather more than the rule of third...

Also, I have a very naive question, on the last picture ( with the back head of my baby), I placed the center of my subject on the line of the grid, but the subject is taking around half of the picture, does that still count as rule of third?

I have also tried to select pictures with backgrounds and foregrounds, I didn't get pictures that I liked with backgrounds, foregrounds and midgrounds...I'll shoot again :)


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