(week 2) Manayunk Horror Story

(week 2) Manayunk Horror Story - student project

Week 2

I decided to leave my first weeks clip in though I changed the timing of a few things and added some pulsing fades to go along with my soundtrack.

I spent most of my time working with the sound this week getting those split edits just right and editing the vocal track for the interview to play more seamlessly. I used the audio from "carving B roll clip 15" for a consistant background track durning the opening to tie those first two clips together. I focused mainly on Dan again though to fill in the extra 10 seconds at the end I threw in a shot of the eagle because I was having a hard time finding anything else to hit that two minute mark. 

Again used original music for the ending from another one of my projects. Full track can be heard here. http://snd.sc/101aVdx



Screen Cap.

(week 2) Manayunk Horror Story - image 1 - student project

Week 1

I wanted to take what Andrew had said in one of the lessons about how editing out of context could make it look like a horror film. So I did exactly that. 

Here is my 30 second edit for week one using the techniques from the lessons. I wanted to focus on using my event library to make my workflow easier so I created smart lists for each character. For the timeline edit I used the connect and append commands more then insert and audition.I tried to learn more keyboard shortcuts  to make things more tactile (J,K and L in different combonations is fun). I also used some transition effects and a soundtrack (recorded at home)  to give the edit the feel I was going for , which as you will see is pretty dark.

Hope you enjoy it. Comments and critiques welcomed.



Screen Cap.

(week 2) Manayunk Horror Story - image 2 - student project