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we are all a little broken, and that's ok

Refined Sketch

Thanks for the feedback!  It seems like the feedback was that #2 was the better sketch. I've taken the suggestions and tightened up my sketch.  I removed the "glass shards" from the upper corners in favor of a more feminine touch.  Too feminine? Out of place? Also, I'm thinking of using lines to add the shading around the broken pieces of "broken".  Helps keep it more uniform for me as far as width goes when sketching.  Also, I'm having trouble figuring out how to style "and that's" I don't want to go too crazy, but I want readers to be able to see it...Thanks for all of the suggestions! :D Have a good week!

Sketches uploaded

Ok, finally! I'm at my parents' house for the holidays and they don't have a scanner so I have taken photos with my ti3 and uploaded.  I don't think you get the same quality, maybe my inlaws have a good scanner...

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

My favorite is #1.  I don't know if I really like 2 or 3 all that much.  Initially my idea was to put more emphasis on the words "all" "broken" and "okay" on the first sketch you can see I did so more with only "broken" and "okay"...I felt like the word "all" was kind of awkward on sketches 2 and 3.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

So far behind

So I am in the middle of a job change.  Have I mentioned that audiologists don't have much time to draw/doodle/letter at work - except when you are on hold with insurance companies for 20 minutes so your patient can use their benefit before the new calendar year starts...but I digress - I was really hoping to get a couple of my sketches uploaded but of course I forgot last night - tonight will be the night.  I'm hoping for some very constructive criticisms, so get ready!

Also, does anyone have any pointers on a serif font? I feel like mine get really janky really fast!

Sketches...and extra inspiration...

I guess in the first part of getting this little project board going, I didn't really mention the fact that I don't design/create/draw/paint etc. for a living.  I'm an audiologist and work in a medical setting all day every day.  However, one of the most important things in my life is to design/create/draw/pain etc.  So I'm totally an amature on lettering and design aside what I've created for my own home from pinterest and diy sites.  I took lots of art classes in highschool and they were my favorite classes of all time.  I still want to use all of the great things I learned in those classes today to continute to be creative! Drawing has been a very cathartic exercise for me and so far I'm finding this class to be relaxing and fun...thanks for letting me get that fluffy word vomit out of the way... 

now on to the good stuff... :)

So when I started to sketch and think more about the project, this button came to mind.

as well as the phrase "I'm OK, You're OK" from the book of the same title.  These helped me with my sketches a little.

The following are my sketches. My favorite one is the circle with the "broken" O. I think it goes with the "button" idea. Any thoughts, comments or constructive criticisms are welcome Thanks!


Step 1

"we are all a little broken, and that's ok"

this quote is pretty personal to me. i struggle with severe genearlized anxiety - and it helps a lot to know that we all have things we struggle with - and it is ok.

ALL - big idea : inclusive : not alone : emphasis 
BROKEN - glass : falling : delicate : sad : dark : distant : away from : struggling : undone
OKAY (O.K.) - simple : strong : bright : sunny : warm

In my head the way I conceptualize it is having the word broken slope off like it is falling down but having Okay holding it up from falling all the way off...because sometimes the only thing that keeps me from getting more broken is the fact that I know it's okay to be a little broken.

I love the look of the 50s retro cursive for part of it. which is more delicate but having the OK be in a serif-y lettering which I feel gives off the look of being strong.

and i want to use the ampersand...mostly because i love the curves of it.


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