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This is my first ever digitized project applying calligraphy.

I know that this can have as many applications as it can be. I need more practice in writing letterforms and also on inking my design. Since i dont have lightbox yet what i did is draw the logo in pencil and then ink it. Scanned my design with 600dpi that is only the availble resolution here in the office since i wanted to get started on editing. However, i dont have any persmission to download photoshop/illustrator so what i did was use "fotor" a free online photo editing software just to make sure i applied some editing tecniques (straighten, saturation) then saved my project and opend in paint to erase some portions i didnt like. Though its hard to erase when the tool is a square one. So i know that in the next project in digitizing artworks i need to have a more enhanced photoshop just to get the results i desired.

But i love my project and how i did it :)

Thank You Molly!

With this i can share more of my craft through digital format!



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