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watercolour so far

So far I really love all the experiments and practice stuff we've been doing.  I really like mixing colours and playing with transparencies.   


Experimenting was really fun, I think I'm going to do another block of these because I only had the following items to play with: paint set, sea salt, white ink (which I was pretty bad at controlling), and scrubbing bubbles (I had no straight bleach, so I'm not sure how the added chemicals in there affected anything but it was fun to experiment with the cleaner bubbles)  I still really like the results and tried some of the combinations multiple times because they were so fun.  Bleach is my favourite tool to play with  I think.  It was cool seeing how the spray bottle differed from a more directed approach (application via a scrap of paper)


I did some more precision work - I still need a bit more practice, but it's getting there.


I also did more experiments!


this time I played with the paint set (PS), irridescent medium (IM), stain remover (SR), gold leaf paint (GL), crystal light (CL), ink, salt, vinegar (V), and paint colour mixed with vinegar (VP)

the most interesting to me were crystal light, which could mix with paint, but was affected differently by salt and stain remover.  it could also be squirted on to a paint blob and then make weird veiny rivers.  fun!

vinegar paint was also very fun because it would mix and then seperate a bit from the standard water based paint, creating cool textures that I couldn't quite pick up in the camera.

stain remover was also awesome.  it had a similar effect as bleach, but less harsh I think.  It was fun to drop stain remover on paint and crystal light, and also to put paint back on to the stain remover because it would be somewhat suspended before (with gentle nudging) it would create little veins etc

irridescent medium is the most fun in blobs, it also seemed to push the paint outwards.

can't wait to try jellyfish! 


i tried the jellies and had lots of fun, but i was pulling paint directly from the paint set instead of mixing paint and water in the paint tray, so i couldn't get enough paint on my brush   also i had to practice thin lines a bit more


this one had more success with the legs, but I might do it again.  I'm not totally happy with it yet

I'm working on a jellyfish piece with my (step-)daughter, age 7, this is the part I've started: 



I might be obsessed with jellyfish now.



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