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watercolour project


I'm not exactly new to watercolours, but I haven't really worked with them in a long time, and I'm now trying to find my way back to that medium.

1. Monochrome Project


What I learned so far: I need to be more patient and wait for the colour to dry before I go on. In the top flower-thingie I "ruined" the medium-sized flowers because I didn't wait long enough for the colour of the petals to dry, and then all the colour just ran in to form an undefined blob. I tried to save it with outlines, but I'm personally not a great fan of outlines. I also need to work on my precision. And I could also do with a new small brush, the smallest one I have is a size 0, but it's pretty old and battered.

2. Jellyfish action



I moved on to a bigger paper size for this one. This was really fun! I've never used salt with watercolours, so I might've gone a bit over the top, but I like the textured effect so much. The tentacles weren't so easy, but they are a great excersise to practice pulse & precision.

3. Galaxy


This is a sneak-peak of my galaxy, it's still a work in progress - it's just layers of colour and salt, I haven't added any sprinkles or stars yet.


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