watercolors in bloom

watercolors in bloom - student project

Thank you for the nice class!

I really enjoyed following with the videos and testing out the strokes myself. As I watch more videos on loose watercolor florals and paint along, I'm finding my hands are starting to build some muscle memory. 

watercolors in bloom - image 1 - student project(the pansy was from another class project-trying to conserve some resources) Once I felt a bit comfortable with the strokes, I tried making the arrangement on the left of the next page

watercolors in bloom - image 2 - student project

I found myself not too pleased with my five petal flowers. I contrasted the shape and fill of mine with yours and with other students' projects. I think my initial attempts were too pointy for my liking.  So I kept that in mind and tried to rectify it as I practiced them at the bottom of the page. I really took what you said about practicing to heart. I can't expect myself to do it perfect the first time. Besides, it is a loose floral, it doesn't need to be perfect. So, I decided to play around with the amount of water, the amount of pigment, poking color in, removing puddles, and bleeding colors into others.  With a bit more confidence, I created the arrangement on the right.

After I finished that up, I realized how late it was and decided to clean up and go to bed. As I laid in bed, I thought about the shapes and colors and about making another floral arrangement until I drifted off.

Today, I sat down with my pages, looked at the flowers I created, and numbered the ones I really liked. Then I sketched out my plan for a painting to give as a gift to my mother in law.

watercolors in bloom - image 3 - student projectI took my time and tried my best, turning the board I taped the canvas on as I worked.

watercolors in bloom - image 4 - student projectI'm so pleased with how it turned out, I really hope she likes it.



Nancy Erle
Watercolor Artist