watercolor scene based on the teacher's painting :)

watercolor scene based on the teacher's painting :) - student project

I would like to begin with the end of the class. Lesson 11, in my opinion, is important as the painting lessons. It means a lot to hear these things about self-compassion and creativity.

 I keep asking myself why do I keep taking classes about landscape painting?? It is so hard and I don't think it is even in my nature or inclination to draw nature but there I am taking another great class on painting a landscape :D

Anyways, for this project, I have used my son's watercolor set (Jack Richeson) that he got for art lessons in his middle school. I was too lazy to use a fancier set but I must say they did a pretty good job on the page and color mixing.

I followed Kolbie's painting rather than the reference photo. I like how the sky and the back layer mountain turned out very light and the texture on the front mountain. 

I made it to the end of this inspiring class and created a project. I am proud of myself for that :)

Thanks, Kolbie!

 watercolor scene based on the teacher's painting :) - image 1 - student project


Ronit Ziv
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