watercolor and mixed media

Since I loved the beginners class I decided to try this class. I`ll upload pictures and text as I go.

1. Negative space activity


2. Masking fluid practice exercise

I bought some masking fluid in a tube with a small tip, this worked well for the longer lines but not for the details, so for that I tried it with a brush. This is a picture of the first step, as I`m typing this while it dries. I`m  curious for the result, it`s my first time using masking fluid.


And this is my result:


I think that I didn`t wait long enough to erase the masking fluid OR that I erased to hard?! It took away the paper, so I`ll have to try this again later.

3. White ink in detail


4. Cloud activity practice session

This is my first layer of colorful clouds, still having trouble to keep all the edges wet while painting one area, so I`ll have to keep working on that. I love the colors and I`m curious about the end result. I`m so sorry it is upside down, I still haven`t figured out how to rotate the images here...


And this is how my final cloud projects looks like:


I like the end result, too bad I used a bit too  much salt in te sky..

5. My final project!


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