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watercolor activities

Ana Victoria, thank you so much, your class is just what I needed! <3 I had never painted with watercolors before and I didn't even know where to begin, and now here I am, sharing my projects and inspired to paint more and more. :)

Here's my monochrome activity. I should definitely step up my game with this one, will try to do this again some other time.


Now, the jellyfish! They were a lot of fun to paint! For some reason I struggled a bit with the blue one, but I think the end result wasn't bad.


And the final project, the galaxy! I loved how relaxing this was, just getting to know how watercolors work, adding colors here and there. Maybe I could have used a bit more of salt, but I didn't want to overdo it. The constellations pictured are my favorite ones: Aries, the Crux and the Three Maries. Also, the Winsor & Newton gold ink is one of my favorite thigs at the moment, thanks a lot for recommending it. :) Now I feel like painting more galaxies, maybe some Doctor Who fan art. :D



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