Jen Kanavos

Graphic Designer



watercolor | Embellished Looks

Here are my first attempts at using watercolor. I've noticed that a lot of the details I have in my sketches got lost once I started painting. Maybe going back over with the Micron pen with help have those fabric details show up more?


Here are two sketches to start with - I'm still slowly working on some other ones. I'm naturally very heavy handed so I know that's something I need to watch as I move forward.


I am inspired by all of the little details that make an outfit into a runway showstopper. I am drawn to sparkle, bead work, interesting patterns & beautiful color. When these are executed properly on a classic & elegant silhouette, the end result is truly amazing.

Jenny Packham FW13

Naeem Khan FW12/SS13/FW13

Here are a few more general images that illustrate color & texture working together.


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