waking up early, creativity

waking up early, creativity - student project

For some time I've been trying to create a morning routine that fits me the best. It's been a trial and error process and I haven't succeeded yet.

For the next couple of weeks (starting after my winter break cause I'm not planning on waking up early on holidays) I'll try to implement the ideas from the videos: waking up early and creativity.

To waking up early I'd also add that you should start by going to bed earlier than normal because from my own experience I tend to forget that if I want to have my 8h of sleep and wake up at 6, I need to go to bed at 22 instead of midnight.

When it comes to creativity, I am currently a student at economic university and in the future, I would like to advise people on business development strategies. In this business thinking out of the box is greatly appreciated. I really like the idea of "creative muscle" and I've figured that if I start working on it now it will help me in my future work.

Love the way you organise your vids and how you convey your messages in just 5 min.

Keep up the good work. Best wishes, Karolina from Poland