wake+point | Skillshare Projects

Jada Mirai

art student




for my project i randomly chose words wake+point from roman's list
i'm sorry but my notes are gone forever and in addition they all were in russian so i dont know if they could be helpful for someone here at all..
so let me try to explain my idea without it.
these words made me think about the moment of waking in the middle of night
just, you know, that feeling when your nightmare becomes too scary or from nowhere it seems like you're falling into the abyss and suddenly, in one second you just UH and find yourself laying in bed
this moment is the point and this is what i wanted to show in my illustration


i also wanted to say 'thank you' to roman for this class. i'm really in love with his art style and the method he talked about in videos
all of this is really great and very inspiring!


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