volcano! (maybe?) latecomer ideas

volcano! (maybe?) latecomer ideas - student project

I've joined a bit late, so perhaps there are some generous souls out there still willing to give some feedback on my rough sketches. Thanks!

Loud concept:Volcano!

I kept seeing a volcano in my head, exploding all over the place ... more in a joyous way than a destructive way. :) I imagined the lava lighting up the stars at nighttime. I can see this working well for a sharp-edged, bold illustration style.

volcano! (maybe?) latecomer ideas - image 1 - student project

Quiet concept 1: Flashlight reading

Nothing could keep me quieter as a kid than when I was up late reading by flashlight, covers pulled up over my head to keep the light from spilling under the door. This is a terrible sketch of the idea, but the point is to show mostly just the shape of the kid and keep the room all in shadows, except where the bright flashlight glows. I think this might be harder to do, because I'd have to get a human figure right, but it brings back such great memories.

volcano! (maybe?) latecomer ideas - image 2 - student project

Quiet concept 2: Silhouette in window

This is very similar to a real photograph I took. Is it too photograph-like? The idea would be to have the room and person almost black, and then show riotous color outside the window.

volcano! (maybe?) latecomer ideas - image 3 - student project