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Carmella Lanni-Giardina

Strongwoman of V Marks the Shop



@vmarkstheshop building a vegan store for everyone!

Hi there! I'm Carmella. My husband and I recently started a business called V Marks the Shop (@vmarkstheshop), which is an upcoming all-vegan convenience store in Philadelphia, PA. We want to use Instagram to serve three purposes:

  1. Share what veganism is and why we all should come together to promote cruelty-free and compassionate living
  2. Promote our shop, products we sell and connection to the local and global community
  3. Show what Philadelphia has to offer the world for vegans and non-vegans alike

We officially launched our account 3 weeks ago. Our goal is to grow our following by 10-15% month-over-month during the first 3 months. We also want to build on our engagement. We also want to work on our timing of posts by category/type and best time of day.

The Top 5 markets/categories we want to enter are:

- Food

- Fashion

- Vegan

- Philadelphia

- Lifestyle/Culture

Hashtags we want to use:





#vmarksforall (we haven't tested this out yet)

The one concern/question regarding hashtags is trying to connect with other vegan hashtags that are popular while trying to stand out. How do we go about doing that, when the suggestion is the limit hashtags to 4-6. What I've done is put some hashtags into the caption and then add a comment with additional ones. Is there really no benefit to that?

Here's our current grid



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