vintage lady

vintage lady - student project

For my object I chose a vintage picture, because the hair is just so amazing. 

vintage lady - image 1 - student project

My first drawing is with a soluble graphite pencil. I have been dreading this thing ever since I got it, but I'm actually surprised by how much I like the texture, both with and without water. I really like how this one came out. 

For the second one, I choose to only do negative spaces. I could have gone on, but time was up! 

For the third I choose to draw the lighter areas. I think this one is my least favorite. Not so much because of the shape, but more because I don't think the texture doesn't work. 

The fourth was shapes only, not merging them. (Or try not to) I kinda like how abstract this one feels. It adds a sort of roughness to such a delicate picture. 

No. 5 was shaping the image with pencil. I was a bit frustrated time was up so quickly, but I like the little darker area underneath her jawline. 

No 6: different media, the brush pen. I haven't used this guy in so long, I am out of practice. But I like the line variety that I got and how quickly you can make a very bold image. 

No. 7: negative spaces within the image with watercolor only. Fun, but so quick. 

vintage lady - image 2 - student project


No. 8, my absolute favorite. I decided to work within a frame for this one, then work towards a negative shape and then details. When I still had time, I decided to add color. Color pencils only. I love how this one turned out. I could work on it a bit more, darken the background a bit more, if I had time. 

9. Block in shapes with a big brush and gouache. I like how this one has the overall feel of the woman. You can still make out it's a person and that her hair is historical. 

10. I wanted to go for not lifting the pencil up from the page, but obviously, I failed at this. I do like how it came out though. I think of all the drawings it captures her expression the best and the volume of her hair also. 

What I learned was not to fear certain media and just play with it to get to know them. Graphite pencil is great. 
I enjoyed this so much, almost didn't hit much frustration. I like pencil drawings, even though I almost never draw pencil only drawings. They are colorful and fun. I really liked the exploration from a place of curiosity. It is just what I needed, actually. And I learned by doing this, I can get shapes and textures I usually wouldn't make, but are very interesting. And when I look at the ones I liked the most, they all have heavy outlines. (1, 6, 8 and 10) I didn't think I would like many outcomes.