vem do mar

vem do mar - student project

Hello! Thank you so much for this class Bonnie, it was awesome! This is the second pattern I've ever made and I liked it a lot.

I started with this moodboard, thinking of decoration for baby rooms and nurseries. A chill, summery, beachy and serene vibe. I named my pattern "vem do mar", which means "it comes from the sea" in brazilian portuguese, my first language.

vem do mar - image 1 - student project

I then started painting some elements, also using some seashells I have here with me as models.

vem do mar - image 2 - student project

vem do mar - image 3 - student project

I then developed two color options. I am not very happy with them comparing to the moodboard, but I like them separetely.

vem do mar - image 4 - student project

vem do mar - image 5 - student project

And these are the finished patterns :)

vem do mar - image 6 - student project

vem do mar - image 7 - student project

that's it! thanks for looking at my project! Feel free to check in with sone feedback :)