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So you want to use your new-found 3D talents to make an illustration. Great! But you really want to do all that background stuff when the most important thing you have to do is show a person? Don't you want to put your energy into dressing, posing, providing facial expression, placing and lighting the person who is the character of your story - rather than doing all that nature or city or whatever setting you have in mind?

I'm here to help! Let me be your ghost illustrator for the background of your story. Whether it takes place in a city (Paris, Rome, London, Chicago, etc.) or a forest, on a park bench or busy alley, a desert or woodland, a pond or flower garden, I've got you covered.

I provide photos that have the space and the place for your characters to live and breathe and have a life. All you have to do is to make the character.

Well, you will have to make the lighting work with the setting and your character together. But, no worries! I'll help you do that.

Why am I doing this, you ask (OK, you didn't, but I'm telling you anyway!) Because I was in your shoes once. Either I had people with no place, or places with no people. I wanted to join them but it took a lo-o-o-ong time. In many cases, I just wished that someone would do part of it for me so I could focus on the story I wanted to tell.

The first illustration, up there, was my first attempt. I wanted to tell the story of what fairies felt at the onset of Fall. I had some fairies (that I put together in Poser) and I had this great photo of a lily pond. Putting them together and making it work took quite a while - as well as some learning in Photoshop.

Actually, I'm a writer but I like to visualize what I'm writing. 3D art and photos help me do that. It's hard for one person to do it all, however. So I've been making and collecting photos. Mostly for my own stories, but they may help you as well. BTW, I really do have photos of Rome, Paris, and thousands of other intriguing places (I lived in Europe for 25 years). But I love woods and gardens. I have dozens of photos, for example, from Monet's garden in Giverny, France.

So if you need a place or a type of landscape for your background, send me a question. We can work together to help you find what you need and move ahead on what you really like to do. Your ghost background illustrator awaits your pleasure!


1 Sentence description: The "vangoster" website provides photographic backgrounds for 3D artists and tutorial assistance to enable them to integrate their 3D art and photography.


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