(used to be about Star Wars) now its something else

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I just started this class a few fays ago as a fun Christmas break project. The use that i have in mind is to make a poster out of this quote to decorate my room. Wellp! I dont have much to say right now! I look foward to getting my lettering on! :D

So I began with the idea of making droid-like letters and other possibilities that looked like 3D droids. But I was a bit unsatisfied with how it came out so I approached it with a different viewpoint and started to look for vintage star wars covers to find inspiration on what kind of typefaces would look more interesting.Here's my almost finished drawing! Any feedback would be awesome!

Hello everyone! I never finished this project but boy this class really opened up my eyes to hand lettering. As a result of this project i started thinking: how can I give words life? how does hand lettering and design come into one? and most importantly: how could i get better? So I reaserched all these things along with hand lettering and label lettering that inspires me and I came up with these:

I am very grateful for taking this class , it was awesome and even though i didnt finish the first porject, it definetley helped me to look beyond and reaserch. 

I hope everyone gets as much out of this class as i have! Good luck, everyone!


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