upwork and freelancer

upwork and freelancer - student project

hope you have enjoyed this course.

i've been changing direction a little over the last few months looking for better hourly rates of money so i can spend more time making courses - i'm offsetting my weekly income requirements by taking jobs over on upwork and freelancer, it's taking longer than the other services i mentioned in this course but that is because you have to build up a reputation on these services.

that being said i'm on a good hourly rate on the jobs that i have found and i wanted to share with you that just being on those services, with a filled out profile, with the skills you can offer people can still find you from searching for people and find you that way - really passive, your profile just sits there and potentially people can find you.

i'm happy to have a job at the moment (10hrs a week) consulting for someone that will be doing webinars for their company they work for. i have no doubt they have been given a budget for the job and i'm happy to have the work, helps me build out an idea for a course anyway! :)

i also suggest you check out the mini 'exams' you can take on these services. yes, they cost $5 a piece but they look good on your profile when people are looking for 'skilled' people for virtual work.

i'm hoping that i can build up a good enough presence that i'll be working 25-40 hrs a week on work that i love to do rather than work i have to do. is that not what everyone wants?

hope this is useful guys! :)

Philip Campbell
Crypto, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow