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untitled (for now)

Hey everyone and happy holidays, my name is Milton and I'm 27 years old.  I aspire to make professional looking digital and traditional art.  I know that this course will be the big major step in my progression to make quality pieces of art and I would like to thank Patrick Brown for taking the time to share his workflow and knowledge with everyone who signed up for the class. 

Now this sketch is an original drawing that i made back in high school.  I was always good in drawing a picture but when it came to doing something original I could never translate images in my head onto paper without hating how it turned out.  So I figured what better way to show progress than to do over something you didn't like initially.  The figure in the drawing was something I just doodled to make time pass in school so he doesn't have a name, but I am open to suggestions. 

These are my basic structure sketches

These two action poses are straight from the head no reference photos

I have to redeem myself for the second pose, its just plain terrible

The next two sketches are from photo reference


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