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When I think of street photography, I think of what I see, what I actually see, not what others imagine through filters. I think filters take away from the genuine experience. As a street photographer I feel that it is my job to show you what was there and allow you decide how to feel about it.

Filters guide the viewer too much, they can convey sadness, hope, excitement, all feelings of the graphic designer. And often are abused to compensate for uninteresting subjects. At most filters should be used for color correction when the lighting is bad, but part of the art of photography is being at the right place at the right time when there is the right lighting.

All of the shots here are as I saw them. I moslty shoot at night as I am nocturnal.

I was at an art show and saw these two friends talking outside.

I believe in being very subtle, like a ninja. This way you are not influencing how people behave. I learned this from my first gig as a party photgrapher. Everytime girls saw me, they would pose too hard, then keep wanting do overs. Since the shot was promotional for a DJ, i put up with it. But I hate fake.

This set of friends just caught my attention. What do you see here?


I shot this from the Colorado Bridge in Pasadena, CA. Glad no one saw me or they would have called the police. Colorado Bridge has been a known site for suicides. I may nor may not have did a few dangerous things to get this shot of the 210 Freeway across the way.

This is what people see when they consider suicide. I get a very serene feeling here. Perhaps why bridges are often chosen as the ideal spot. 

I should note that I was at a very low point along the bridge before technically "tresspassing" and this shot was zoomed in to the highway. 




This is Saint Francis Chapel at Balboa Park in San Diego, CA. They have very pretty lighting all over the park. Very nice walk at night with the warm nights and serene setting.


Night time
There was a fire in Corona, CA on July 14, 2015. It started as a car fire that happened on Eastbound 91 near the Green River Exit. Local residents were very nervous as there was a local gas leak caused by constuction crews nearby. So if the fire was not contained on time, it would have been disastrous. 

These firemen and others were leading the collaboration efforts between various departments.


More pics are available on my Tumblr about this incident. http://zubliminal.net/post/124145071649/corona-car-fire

What are your thoughts? did any of these speak to you? I welcome any and all feedback, criticism, suggestions for interesting things to look for, etc. 


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