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Zoe-Zoe Sheen

Graphic Designer & Visual Artist



$uga Wub

Hola !

I'm a designer and artist in Los Angeles. I've moved all over the east coast particularly in the south. I love experimenting with new ways to create so my work is all over the place in terms of medium.  I love things that glow in the dark and if there's glitter involved, its love at first sight.  I've created some characters in polymer clay before but never with giving real thought into the process.

I'm really excited about this class and thanks in advance to everyone for checking out and giving feedback!


Usually when I mood board for projects I also write adjectives or sentences about my intial idea, these are fragmented:

Candy+Bear+Sugar+Love= $uga Wub

$uga Wub taste so good he can't stop eating himself!
that cute show where all the characters horrifically die
hes in that phase where hes starting to get fat and age


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