two edits

These are two photos I took over this weekend at my in-laws.

I edited them using some of the things I learned in this class. I have been using lightroom for a few months (switched over from photoshop, which I'd been using for years), so I would say I was not a beginner, but I still learned a few things.

The advice to edit and then step back from the photo for a while and come back and tone things down was very helpful.

I hadn't known about holding down the alt key for sharpening, and that was extremely helpful.

So here are two photos, before and after.

I wanted to highlight the lonely, foggy feeling in this one, and while I don't usually go black & white, I thought it worked for this. I cropped a bit , converted to black and white, added contrast, and took away clarity.



The next one is not a terribly exciting photo, sorry, but it's the one I ended up playing with. I am wondering whether I added too much contrast. Please let me know what you think (I straightened, added exposure, fixed white balance and added contrast and clarity to the camera with a brush):



Constructive feedback is very welcome. Thank you.


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