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tuttobello baby corporate identity

My mom runs a small ecommerce reselling different baby-oriented products. For a while she was selling baby's clothing, but lately she's been dealing more with toys, dolls specifically.

I made this logo for her a few years ago, but now I think it's crap. I've never been too good at logos, but this one was also done in a rush.

I'd like to create something:

  • Minimal
  • Warm
  • Not too old school, not too modern (I like the vibe of old toys)

Here's the moodboard I'm preparing. Well, it's more of a pinterest, but I actually prefer it that way rather than spending too much time comping out a board.

I skipped the color part and started sketching:

I started out pretty uninspired, just drawing up the letters, looking for something interesting. I toyed with shapes, thought of balloons... I wanted it to feel loose and cute.

I then drew a shape that looked like a baby's mouth, with two teeth. That was funny, but a bit too silly. Still, it made me realize I really liked the shape of the pacifier, so I started to explore it. I liked the type on the top right-most shape, so I scanned it and went to Illustrator.

I drew the letters simply using paths, did a bit of tweaking on a brush and voilá. The background shape was half hand-drawn, half duplicated.

My problem right now is I have no idea how to fit the "baby" part there, but I kinda feel like that's ok to tack on below, with a nice font. I think the core of the brand is the word "tuttobello" and baby is almost just a qualifier.

This is what I'm going with:

I also designed a couple variations of the logo: horizontal and icon.

Next I began experimenting with color...

I've been drawn to this teal tone because it's soft, and it's also neither blue nor pink, which are colors many cultures associate with one gender or the other.

This pink was a color suggested by Adobe Color, and as I started to apply it, I realized the teal felt very cold, so this brought a bit of warmth and peace to it. I'm thinking the predominant color will be the teal, and pink can be for highlights.

The dots between BABY are a lighter shade. I thought of using the same shade as the Tuttobello area, but it felt very heavy. I then decided it's ok, since BABY is a secondary part of the brand, we can make that green part of its paletter, rather than the main logo, which is only teal. If, in the future, we do a Tuttobello Kids, or Tuttobello Pets, we can choose those palettes as well.


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