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Jacqui Lowe-Jackson

CEO, Just Bras Lingerie Outlet, Great Britian



turning us all into lovers of the golden age

Retro n. something derived or associated with the past

Glamour n. charm or allure, fascinating or voluptuos beauty 

Marlene Dietrick once famously said "Glamour is what i sell - it is my stock in trade".  Along with Hollywood stars such as Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardener, and Jean Harlow, Marlene epitomised a Golden Age with style that continues to make an impact today.  Retro glamour is more than just a "look" - its a frame of mind for smart,sassy and sexy women.

Age of Glamour  launched in November 2013 based in an old mill house in Rochdale, Lancashire UK (Rochdale was the home town of world war two sweetheart Gracie Fields and birth place of the Co-operative movement).  The inspiration for the design team of Richard and Jacqui Lowe-Jackson came from the first half of the 20th century.  Age of Glamour design is liberating, empowering, daring and exciting from flowing chiffon peignoirs and sumptuous silk chemise to the sharp silhouette of a sexy girdle.


Go to our website for links to facebook, twitter, pininterest and instagram and twitter (twitter we struggle with, followers seem to be generally people within the same industry??) I am also on Linkedin and has recently started using Google+.  

We'd love to hear from you where you think we are going right or wrong in trying to bring our new brand to market.  We are UK based but do sell worldwide and also use ebay in various countries where our listings are translated into that countries language, sizing and currency.

We are interested to gain social media awareness and intergration for our brand.



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