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turning all my memories to frass

I'm kind of psychologically afflicted with terror when it comes to doing things on a page with a pen/pencil. I'm also easily overwhelmed. (this is all very odd as I am a milliner who does a lot of bead embroidery. i guess a needle and thread feels ok).

Thusly, my first step, though it did not include putting pen to paper, took far longer than it should have. I had a very hard time deciding on a phrase. The obvious would have been "millinery for the discriminating weirdo" which is the tagline to my millinery company. Or the name of my husband's band, Pushing Chain. But those felt so very obvious and everywhere I turned there were phrases that I hold in my heart. 

This afternoon I had a breakthrough. My phrase, "Turning all my memories to frass," is a line in a song about an earwig that my husband recently wrote. I feel like it's very visual. I'm also going to pretend that it's the name of the album that they're currently working on (their Kickstarter got funded! yay!). 

It feels very Victorian. I was inspired by memories of phrenology illustrations and snake oil salesmen's fliers. I can't ignore the insect that's turning all of those memories to insect-poo, so I also found an earwig that didn't freak me out. 

So there. Done with the mood board. 


I feel like I'm doing quite a lot of copying of other styles, fonts and squiggles, but fiddling around with words doesn't cause the anxiety that fiddling around with images does. So I've been fiddling with Frass. There aren't a lot of people out there who know what frass is, so the joke that I've got pages and pages of frass isn't quite as funny to people who haven't lived through a tent catapiller invasion. 

(Frass is bug poo.)


And I did manage to sketch a bunch of thumbnails, but I decided to try sketching some other words in other styles, and the first one worked so well I just went for it. No measuring. Measuring is for wimps. 

I got lucky. But I'm really rather pleased with it. I even drew an earwig. That's pretty big for me. (yes, that's really how they look. we had an infestation of them this spring)

I had a couple of tracing failures, but last night, probably doing everything wrong, I taped the pages together, put the light board on my lap, sacked out on the couch, turned on North and South for the thousandth's time and got the hang of it. I took the advice of my fellow student and moved the bug. I'm happy with it. The "To" looks a bit like "Toe" in the above draft. 

Now I think I'll use the same procedure as last night and see if I can successfully "ink". I'm used to writing with fountain pens (yes I'm that kind of nerd), so getting accustomed to the rollerball will be interesting. I've been told they're mighty good pens. Literally: "That's a mighty good pen you got there." 


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