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tune4media - music production & blog - student project

Hi, my name is Noam Yadgar, I'm a musician, arranger and producer-engineer. 

My YouTube channel, tune4media's mission statement is:
"Helping you learn how to make music." 

My target audience is producers, musicians. People who're interested in producing music. 

My channel's genre is educational and informative in the music industry.

My goal is to release weekly episodes. I'm trying to address interesting and up to date topics that matter to the music producers/makers community.
I'm trying to work on my shareability and the conversational aspect of the channel, so I'm constantly thinking of video topics that awake the need for subgroups in the community to share videos and contribute to the discussion. 


I also trying to get people to visit my studio's website:
This is where I'm connecting with people I work with.

Noam Yadgar