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So, this is a little intimidating and amazing! 

treefishjane is my creative life. What started as nicknames in grade school led me to this name which has followed me since my first email address and still stands today! I love it! It's about being a plain jane with a twist! It's about embracing the elements and the nature that we interact with on a daily basis. It's using what we have around us to inspire us. It's fun. It's catchy. It's beginning to fruit and move with some momentum, and I need a logo! Ha!

I am starting out in the world of surface pattern design. I am completly self taught.  I am passionate about the entire process of pattern design. I love type and need to start creating some kind of branding. I figure this class will help pave part of the way and maybe help sort through the ideas in my head for a type logo.

the cover photo is currently the font i use for when i submit designs online. As i said, I am a complete novice, so any advice is appreciated and i will join in on all laughter!

I am really inspired by japanese crests and the ideas you can put in a circle. I also love the simplicity in some designs and the stories that can be told in a logo.


(I didn't draw these) but i am drawn to this.




some other ideas that i love



this is the beginning! I am excited and can't wait to get to the drawing board! Thanks!


I have played with treefishjane a bit. these are the ideas i have come up with...





Im used to writing treefishjane out in my writing and want it to be a little more appealing to look at than that. I am going to move forward with the fourth design because it has elements in it that can add some flair to it rather than being just type, even though this is a type class, ha!


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