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tree story






I love the idea of swallowing a seed and it growing inside your body-- I think this is something a lot of kids wonder about too. Could it happen? Why not!

I wrote a little story around this idea, inspired by this poem by Octavio Paz. Eventually the swallowing of the seed became less important, and it became more about me and the tree. I began with the line that starts the poem: a tree grew inside (me.)


I love how evocative and visual this poem is.

As I wrote and sketched, I pared it down a lot, stripping away as much of the words as I could, using the illustrations to communicate some of the ideas I wanted to convey instead. 


This is a page from my notebook where I wrote it out then circled where I thought the breaks in the action were- where I wanted to have illustrations. I wanted to make a little booklet with 8 panels, which also helped me decide where to chop it up. 


That's my tree story, in a nutshell! Hope you enjoy!!!


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