treat yo self to newness! yay! Photos from my tiiiiiny loft!

Hi friends! I'm Shenee! I teach classes online for aspirig business owners!

So I am gonna be getting a LOT out of this course because I am gonna be styling parts of my parent's home and then hopefuly my apartment. I am home for a week and I am gonna style my mom's side table, the mantle and the DVD area. My mom has a pretty clear old-stylish and subdued style -- she calls it garage sale chic so it will be a challenge! Here are some shots of the table and the mantle. 

It's gonna be a challenge because her style isn't anything like mine and I want to stay true to her style :)

 Here is my inspiration shot! 

Now for my apartment! I have a VERY small 2 story loft! It's about 525 feet and I have the hardest time decorating it. it starts with the giant couch which I LOVE (although it was meant to be way smaller) and then the awkward narrow space. My bed is upstairs which makes things feel a lot more open and has high ceilings! 

I don't have a coffee table (not enough room) or a condezza so I am styling by dining table nook, my bookshelf with the TV on it and my desk :)

Lots of color EVERYWHERE! Textures in the rug and the pillows! Blingy pillow. Great placement on the desk! Seems functional :) Great little flowers and great contrast of shapes in the display. This is VERY MUCH MY STYLE. Clean with splash of color! 

My mom's house! 

Haha that's my mom! Adds character, right?


So I didn't want to style it too much because then it wouldn't be functional. She use this space a LOT so I added a little placemat and a pretty little iron something or oter to hold her coffee! She has a BAZILLION photos around the house and I decided to create a little designated space for photos of my grandparents. My mom has these big long bamboo plants around the house and I placed one there along with her fountain. Not super style-y in a pinterest sense but not bad for my first go I think!  She really loves it!


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